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Admission to High School in Canada

ChetuChetu Posts: 2Member Newcomer

Dear Sir

My daughter is presently in 9th Grade Of CBSE curriculum from India. I want her to continue her high school in Canada. When I checked online I found that most schools get international students admitted through authorized designated agents. I could not find any agent. She wants to do her undergraduate studies in Finance and accounting.

1) How do I go about getting her admitted? Is there anyways someone can help us?

2) Her mother wants to accompany her as she is a minor. Can she do that? If yes what is the procedure?

3)Which county or province would best suit her from the point of weather, Cost, culture?


  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 414Administrator M2C Team

    Hello @Chetu, welcome to the forum.

    Your daughter would need to have a school confirming that she can attend classes at their institution. With that she can apply for a study permit. If your daughter's mother accompanies her as a visitor, your daughter still needs to apply for a study permit, while her mother needs a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

    I know that many Indians move to southern Ontario, for example the Greater Toronto Area etc. But Vancouver generally has a milder winter than most other major cities in Canada. Both options are quite expensive, then again there are smaller cities in both areas with more affordable cost of living.

  • ChetuChetu Posts: 2Member Newcomer

    Dear Marcel

    Thanks for the response. Sorry to bother you however I have some more queries based on your response:

    1. Can you name the smaller cities in this area which are cheaper?
    2. Can I get from you name of schools in these smaller cities, which accept international students, where she can apply?
    3. Can we apply directly to the school for admission?
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