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Planning our landing - some questions

JwuJwu Posts: 19Member Newcomer


So we are progressing pretty well with our PR application (website says we will get news - hopefully good news! - not later than March 2020. Just recently I secured a project for 1 year starting Jan 2020 and ending Dec that same year.

We had our medical tests in Sep ( I understand they are only valid for 1 year) so, if we get our PR approved in March, can we enter Canada not later than Sep 2020, get our card and other required docs, come back home, finish my assignment and then officially move Jan 2021? Will we still be in compliance with the immigration requirements?

Thanks in advance for the guidance


  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 268Administrator M2C Team
    edited October 18

    Hi Jwu, this is generally possible and many people do it in order to settle affairs around their move. Once you have your PR card, you can travel from and to Canada freely. You just need to live in Canada for at least 2 out of the last 5 years in order to maintain your status as a Permanent Resident.

  • JwuJwu Posts: 19Member Newcomer

    Great, thank you!

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