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Job applications, feedback & generally on job seeking

Hello everyone, I think I need help with my job search.

My wife and I have the IEC approved. Basically we can take the next flight to Canada and... yeah, what now?

I'm looking for an IT job in Canada since July. In my current location, I believe I have a very strong skill set. I get about 2 job offers per month on linkedin, without applying anywhere. I've been sending about 10-15 applications per week to Canadian companies, but I only received a few responses (rejections) without feedback, so I think there is something I don't know.

I'm using jobboards mostly: glassdoor, indeed and couple of others. I used linkedin, but I get completely no responses from these offers, so currently I'm only focusing on glassdoor and indeed.

I still have a couple of months before the IEC approval expires, so... any ideas, tips, advices are more than welcome. Thanks.


  • HugoM2CHugoM2C Posts: 148Administrator M2C Team

    Hi @michal_stankiewicz, where in Canada are you moving to? Decided yet?

  • michal_stankiewiczmichal_stankiewicz Posts: 3Member Newcomer

    Hello @HugoM2C, I think it's not that important to me. I was picky at the beginning of my job search (Toronto), but currently I don't look at the job location (with the exception of Quebec - I don't know french). At this point I just really don't want to waste the IEC opportunity.

  • HugoM2CHugoM2C Posts: 148Administrator M2C Team

    I get ya, @michal_stankiewicz. First off, I wouldn't waste the opportunity, as you outline yourself. If that means traveling to Canada without a job lined up, so be it. Toronto is definitely the area with the most jobs in IT, but that means it's also the place with the most candidates looking for work.

    Are you adapting your resume for each application? Does your resume speak in terms of Problem/Situation >> Action taken >> Results/Achievement? This is crucial. I urge you to read this guide: https://moving2canada.com/resume-format-in-canada/

    Next, have you liaised with any recruiters? These can link you up with a job. Start by searching for broad terms like 'Tech recruiters in {city}' and get in touch with them.

  • michal_stankiewiczmichal_stankiewicz Posts: 3Member Newcomer

    Thank you HugoM2C, that's a lot of useful information. I know that I have to adapt my resume, and I've been trying. I guess I have to do it better. I'll try to get in touch with recruiters also. Thanks!

  • HugoM2CHugoM2C Posts: 148Administrator M2C Team

    You're welcome, @michal_stankiewicz

  • MishaMisha Posts: 18Member Newcomer

    Hi. I used to work at an IT executive search firm here before years ago so the suggestions I'd have wouldn't be useful, based on London/Europe/NY. Depends on what specifically in IT but try Ziprecruiter! I've only had 1 legit job call so far for Toronto, which was from the site, at a startup who is doing ok and I regret considering it, the pay was low but I've been told to use some jobs as a stepping stone to get there, the firm even said they don't expect people to stay as their current person's young on IEC too. I know a CTO co founder who found a job remotely via Skype for NYC from it but the startup's not doing ok i.e. 0 pay/funding etc.

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