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Periodic accomodation and long term car hire

i am planning on moving to Guelph, ON for atleast 3 months and wanting to know where the best place to find furnished rentals on periodic agreements. Also would like to know if it is possible to rent a car for the time i am there as well, the full 3 months.


  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 395Administrator M2C Team

    Hi Steve, good places to start looking for accommodation are craigslist and kijiji. Since you are looking for a temporary place I'd recommend Airbnb.

    You can find more info on the typical details of a rental agreement in Canada here:

    As for renting a car, any rental car company or your favourite aggregator will do. You'll probably find a better deal with a platform that compares prices from different rental car companies, like rentalcars.com

    Hope this helps!

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