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Travel Insurance

vl23vl23 Posts: 1Member Newcomer


If I purchase Travel Insurance for 2 years as I'm looking for a 2 year VISA, does it matter that the policy will start 1 month prior to activating the VISA at the Port of Entry? I plan to travel the USA for about 1 month and then go to Canada to activate my VISA.



  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 268Administrator M2C Team

    Hi @vl23, welcome to the forum!

    You need insurance for the duration of your stay in Canada, so it is only the end date that matters. ;) If you purchase insurance for 24 months and enter Canada 1 month after your policy starts, your work permit may be limited to 23 months. So you should purchase insurance for 25 months if you wish to travel the US before entering Canada.

    Hope this helps!

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