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Travel history in PR application

JwuJwu Posts: 22Member Newcomer


Got my invitation to apply for PR this week. I'm completing the electronic form and as part of the information they request me to report all trips I've made out of country of origin/residence in the past 10 years. I travel a lot for work, around 2 trips per month, imagine how many trips are there in 10 years!

Do I have to report all of them? Do dates have to be 100% accurate? I'm checking my passport stamps but some are a bit blurry already so I will try to rely on memory and approximates in some cases.

Thank you!



  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 378Administrator M2C Team

    I had to provide all trips since I turned 18. ;)

    It's not fun, but yes, you are supposed to list all trips, even short and business trips. Usual best practice advice:

    • check your email history, because you can often find travel itineraries buried in old emails
    • as you are doing, check your passport, because often you will have dated stamps from entry and exit to other countries
    • if you are unsure, give your best approximation and then in your "supplementary documents" include a one paragraph statement explaining that you did your best to provide travel history, but there is the possibility that some of the dates are slightly different from what you indicated
  • JwuJwu Posts: 22Member Newcomer

    Great, thank you. It was not fun at all but it’s done now!

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