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planning to study master in Canada

ali8ali8 Posts: 1Member Newcomer

Planning to study master in Canada


  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 268Administrator M2C Team

    Hey @ali8, welcome to the forum!

    I recommend you explore our extensive section on studying in Canada if you are planning for your master studies in Canada. It has many helpful articles to prepare your journey: https://moving2canada.com/study/

    Hope this helps!

  • James72James72 Posts: 1Member Newcomer


    I am also planning to study master in commerce from Canada. Plz suggest me some of the best colleges that i would select for my masters.


  • Tq101Tq101 Posts: 1Member Newcomer

    I’m planning to enrol for my masters in agricultural courses in Canada. Pls enlighten me on this and suggest a cheap college or university without a English proficiency test for me. Thanks.

  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 268Administrator M2C Team

    Hey guys, welcome to the forum!

    Sorry, I can't do the university research for you. We have an article that may help you search and select the right institution here:

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