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Steps following invitation for PR - timeliness

JwuJwu Posts: 22Member Newcomer


I got my nomination certificate from Alberta last Friday and have until Aug 18th to confirm or reject. I know that once I accept, invitation for PR will be certain but I also know that you get 60 days to complete the application and submit papers. I have a family trip from Sep 27 to Oct 10 in which I will probably not be able to work on the application so I want to make sure work out the timing correctly. Should I accept the nomination now or wait until near the due date so I can have time to work it out once I return? I understand you need to get a medical and criminal record (and translations) and that may take some time here.

Also, i know draws happen around every 2 weeks (maybe next one is this Wed?)

Thanks in advance for any support and guidance.



  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 378Administrator M2C Team
    edited July 2019

    Hello Judy,

    There's likely a draw tomorrow, yes. If you received an Invitation to Apply tomorrow, you would in theory have to submit your application before your family trip. Any Invitation to Apply after that and you will have overlap with your trip, I believe.

    That being said, there are a lot of variables to your timeline. I'm not sure confirming your nomination from Alberta will be instantly recognized in your Express Entry profile? I guess the latest Express Entry draw you would participate in would be on August 20 (if draws continue in the usual fashion), which would bring you to one week overlap with your trip.

    I would check the processing time for your criminal record, so you can get it going asap. Immigration Alberta says the medical should not be be taken without instructions from IRCC during the application process.

    Hope this helps!

  • JwuJwu Posts: 22Member Newcomer

    Thank you!

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