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Dentist immigration - CRS 405

Alhasan_DiabAlhasan_Diab Posts: 2Member Newcomer

Hello everyone,

My name is Alhasan Diab. I am a 25-year-old dentist from Damascus, Syria. I graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Damascus University in 2017. I am a qualified and licensed dentist in Syria, and I have been practicing my occupation since I graduated. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry (BDS), or professional degree in some European countries Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), from Damascus University, where I studied dentistry for 5 academic years.

I took IELTS in early 2018 with overall band 7.5:

Listening: 8

Reading: 8

Writing: 6.5

Speaking: 7.5

I have done some deep searching about skilled-workers immigration to Canada, Express Entry and PNPs. I have completed the (ECA) Educational Credential Assessment process with WES in late 2018. I have created an Express Entry account on IRCC's website in August 2018. My CRS score is 405, in which it would have been a lot better (450) if I had band 7 in writing module. However, since I created the account I have not received any invitation.

However, at the moment, I am not thinking about retaking the IELTS again, in order to get higher band in Writing. Therefore, I would like to ask you what are the best options for me. I have checked all provinces' websites to see if Dentistry is in Occupation In-Demand lists in one of the provinces so I could apply for a PNP. Unfortunately, none of the PNP demands dentists lately, and some require job-offer, which I am unable to get because Dentistry is regulated profession. Moreover, I do not have any relative in Canada, and I have not visited Canada before or applied for any visitor visa.

Therefore, I would be grateful if you could give some guidance regarding my situation, like if there is a PNP I could apply for, or if there is any other way to get PR. 

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to receiving from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Alhasan Diab

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