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Step By Step Guide On How To Send Your Transcripts And Other Documents To WES

J_1J_1 Posts: 8Member Newcomer

Hey Everybody! This is Jason from Dream Abroad.

In this video, I’ll be covering the step-by-step process for sending your transcripts and other documents to WES, or World Education Services for the Express Entry Program for Canada.

In case you’re not aware what transcripts are, I will tell you what it is, what it means, and how it looks like. So, if you’re interested, stay tuned!

First things first- What is a transcript?

A transcript is basically a document stating your academic performance, or a summary of your mark sheets and degree certificates. They are issued by the University from which your degree certificates are obtained. For eg, Mumbai University, Delhi University, etc.

These transcripts, along with copies of your degree or PHD, have to be sent to WES, or World Education Services in Canada, which will evaluate these transcripts and supporting documents, and provide an ECA, or Education Credential Assessment document for the applicant. The ECA is one of the important documents needed during application for your PR process.

How Your Envelope Should Look Like

It should be a good quality envelope, and you can write down the WES Canada address and WES reference numbers, you need not have it typed or stuck from a printed page.

If you have a masters degree transcript to be evaluated, it can be sent along in the same envelope, you need not send it separately.

Secondly, if you need your spouse’s transcripts evaluated as well, you can again add it in the same envelope to save you a few bucks. No need to send their transcripts differently. Mention the reference number for your spouse as well, on the outside of the main envelope where you mention your reference number as well. You can get your spouse’s documents evaluated even if they are not planning to go with you, as an ECA is valid for 5 years since the date of issue.

What Should You Tell Your Institution?

Request your institution to mail your attested documents directly to WES in a sealed envelope with institution stamps/seals on the back flap. The institution must mail the sealed envelope themselves. They should not give the sealed envelope to you or a third party to mail to WES.

However, some universities refuse to send these transcripts themselves. In that case, get them to put your transcripts in an envelope, and seal and stamp them on the opening of the envelope with their official stamp, as mentioned before in this video. You can then send the envelope to WES yourself through a good reputed courier service. Do remember to mention your WES reference number on the outside of the envelope where you write the address, etc.

So, that’s all what you have to do with regard to sending your documents across to WES. Thank you very much! Do let me know if you have any doubts and queries in the comments section of the video. I try to respond to every comment with any help or assistance needed with any immigration related topic.

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  • patarchpatarch Posts: 1Member Newcomer

    if send spouse diploma, will they chrage another 220 CAD?


  • NikiPNikiP Posts: 4Member Newcomer

    Thank you for this detailed video. I was planning to use WES so this helps a lot.

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