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Is it mandatory to create an Express Entry profile before completing ECA and IELTS?

RushinthJohnRushinthJohn Posts: 2Member Newcomer

Hello, I just started the ECA and IELTS process for Express Entry and I wanted to know if it's possible to create the profile later and will IRCC have access to ECA if I create it after a few months?


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  • RushinthJohnRushinthJohn Posts: 2Member Newcomer
    Accepted Answer

    Hello, looks like I shouldn't have posted this question so quickly as I searched around a bit and found the answer.

    Turns out we can create a profile much later after the IELTS and ECA process. While creating the Express Entry profile we will have to enter the details of IELTS and ECA provided the credentials are still valid or not expired.


  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 378Administrator M2C Team

    Hi @RushinthJohn, thanks for posting to the forum!

    You can indeed create your Express Entry profile later, as you already found out. ;) Thanks for also posting the answer to your question after finding it!

  • shafneshafne Posts: 5Member Newcomer

    Hello, I am planing to apply for the Express Entry, However initial score assessment shows only 429 points. I am also reading for a masters which I will complete in June 2020 and perhaps that would boost up my score to 469. My question is, is it possible to submit my profile with 429 potential points and later update my masters credential? I am also thinking if I could enter to Saskatchewan PNP, as I intend to move in there and if S PNP is successful that would give me a 600 points boost. But I am not sure if SINP is a time consuming process compared to direct express entry.

    kindly advise on the above.

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