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Getting a teaching job in Canada

VictoriousVictorious Posts: 1Member Newcomer

Good evening,my name is victorious, please I want to know if I can get a teaching job in Canada,what are their criteria in employing a teacher and i also want to know if the people of Canada are friendly,loving,caring and accept new people, hope they don't practice racial discrimination, this will help me settle in well.Thank you


  • MarcelM2CMarcelM2C Posts: 300Administrator M2C Team
    edited June 7

    Hi Victorious, welcome to the forum!

    Teachers are a regulated profession with the regulation administered by the provinces, so the criteria differ from province to province. You can find some general information and links to the more specific provincial information in our article here: https://moving2canada.com/teaching-jobs-in-canada/

    As for the disposition of Canadians towards immigrants: most Canadians agree that immigration is good for the country. Canadians in general are quite friendly, polite and inclusive. Obviously there are also Canadians who disagree with the levels of immigration and who are less open towards immigrants. You may encounter it here and there, but I'd say that is true everywhere and less likely in Canada than in other countries. It is a great country to immigrate to and live in and it has one of the most professional immigration and settlement systems worldwide.

  • JackieJackie Posts: 1Member Newcomer

    Good day, My name is Jackie. I am thankful for these questions and the response as I am new to the forum and was about to ask the same questions.

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