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Ranks & Rewards

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All the hard work you are investing in helping each other out should be recognised. After all, if you contribute quality answers and inside knowledge, you will earn some reputation to your name. We want to reward those who truly embody the spirit of forming a support network between immigrants to Canada.

That’s why this community comes with a Ranks & Rewards system to provide you with some motivation to earn recognition along the way. Besides, we think it is fun to earn some points, cool badges, reputation ranks and rewards while helping your fellow community members.

There are different ranks within the community, depending mainly on the amount of points you have earned, but also the commitment you have shown to the community. Ranks come with special privileges and will display on your profile and next to your name whenever you post.


1. Newcomer

All members start out as Newcomers. To prevent Spam and Scams, Newcomers may not send private messages, post links or create polls just yet.

2. Contributor – 50 points, min. membership duration of 1 week

You’ve shown some dedication! Contributors have full access to the forum and private conversations.

3. Maple Leaf – 250 points, min. membership duration of 1 month

Your reputation is taking shape! Maple Leafs gain access to additional reactions to help curate the conversation.

4. Moving2Canada Expert – 1,000 points, min. membership duration of 1 month

You obviously care about this community! Experts gain access to some additional content curation abilities, like picking the 'Best Answer' and 'Splitting/Merging comments within discussions'.

5. Moving2Canada Community Hero – 2,500 points, min. membership duration of 1 month

Oh wow, everyone here knows you! Apart from generally being awesome and well respected, Community Heroes gain the powerful ability to grant ‘Maple Leaf Standard’ promotions to postings and give some badges, actions otherwise reserved for the moderation team.


Reaching these ranks means earning points. So how does that work? There are three regular ways to earn points, and one irregular way.

Contribution – Starting discussions, answering questions and engaging in the community enable you to earn points, either directly or by earning Reactions and Badges for your activity.

  • Earn 1 point for your first answer to a question.
  • Earn 10 points when your answer is chosen as the “Best Answer” by the original poster or a moderator.

Reactions – There are several different reactions available in the community each is associated with a points value for the post and the poster, helping to both curate great content and reward awesome community members.

Badges – Badges are earned for various activities in the forum. Some are earned automatically, based on certain activities or achievements, others are granted by the moderation team directly. The following badges are currently available:

Please note that the range may be expanded over time. There may also be hidden badges, but we won’t tell you what they are or how to earn them! 😉

Awards & Competitions – We may, from time to time, have special events, awards and competitions within the community and you can earn rewards for topping the leaderboard of contributors. Each of these achievements and actions can come with special opportunities to earn badges, points and other rewards.



A few rewards will go beyond a great reputation within the community. This list may change and expand over time and Moving2Canada reserves the right to change the rewards or criteria for rewards listed here at any time.

Reaching the rank of Moving2Canada Community Hero

Upon reaching the rank ‘Moving2Canada Community Hero’ a member will receive one voucher for a free Immigration Consultation from our expert partners. In case you need neither of these services, the reward can be cashed in for a $100 CAD voucher of an agreed online vendor.


A few mandatory disclaimers:

Moving2Canada reserves the right to change the system by which Ranks & Rewards are earned and its components and rewards at any time. We also retain the right to determine if someone is gaming the system. We have safeguards in place to prevent cheating and misuse, but moderators and administrators are the ultimate arbiters and have the last word on any debatable issues.

We hope you enjoy this little system. Thanks for being here!

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