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The Moving2Canada community is a support network for immigrants to Canada and those planning their move. This is a place to share knowledge and experience and help each other out. Please treat other forum members with respect and ensure everyone feels welcome to contribute and participate. Feel free to disagree with other members, but please criticize the content, rather than the people posting it.

Forum Rules

We trust every member of this community to adhere to the following rules:

1 Be kind and courteous

We operate a friendly, welcoming community for members who share this ethos. Abusive or hostile commentary will get you banned. We really have zero tolerance for hateful, harassing, condescending or otherwise personally aggravating posts. If you feel provoked or attacked, make use of the report functionality and leave it for moderators to deal with.

2 Respect everyone's privacy - do not send direct messages to other forum members

Respect everyone's privacy — do not send direct messages to other forum members unless permission has been requested and granted. Many members find this annoying. Post your questions to the group. If you receive unsolicited messages, please send a private message to a moderator or admin.

3 No commercial third party posts

Posts by third parties of a commercial nature are not allowed. Promotion in this forum is generally limited and restricted to trusted partners. If you wish to advertise with Moving2Canada, please visit the Moving2Canada advertising page and contact us.

4 No promotions or spam

Give more to this forum than you take. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed. Please don't post stuff without a comment as to why it might be of value.

5 Research before you post

Before posting, please consult the helpful resources in the pinned posts and search the forum for an answer to your question. This helps you find the right answer faster and avoids repetition and clutter.

6 English please

One of the great features of this forum is that you can navigate the User Interface in your language of choice. However, all posts and comments should be in English, or contain an English translation. This is to: maintain transparency, not to alienate, allow the community to help you more efficiently, and avoid misunderstandings with administrators and moderators.

Please help us keep this community positive and use the Report button if you find any posts breaking these rules.

Moderation Policy

Role of Administrators and Moderators

We have a team of administrators (Moving2Canada staff) and moderators (reputable community members) who you may see posting in the community from time to time. They are here to ensure a positive experience for everyone. They deal with reported posts, organize content and make sure the rules are followed and everyone behaves accordingly.

  • Administrators and Moderators may participate in discussions to provide context or resources to a post or to recommend other forum content as appropriate.
  • Administrators and Moderators may edit, remove, or merge content at their discretion to maintain the quality of content and flow of discussion.
  • Administrators and Moderators will be on the lookout for inappropriate, offensive, or off-topic posts, as well as individuals who are not behaving appropriately. We reserve the right to remove any content or members for any reason we deem fit.
  • If you wish to contact a member of the moderation team, please send a private message or contact us through our Contact Us form.


Help the moderation team out!

The moderation team will monitor discussions to make sure all rules and guidelines are respected, and content is easy to find. There are a lot more of you than there are moderators and admins, so please help us out!

  • Use the “Flag” button to report Spam or Abuse and use the “Off Topic” reaction to mark irrelevant content.
  • Provide your feedback in the Feedback Category of the General section. We are always interested in your opinion on how to improve this community.

Organization is key

Please try to find the right place for your contribution. Clutter and repetition make the forum harder to enjoy for everyone. Everything has its place here, so try to keep it organized.

  • Use clear titles for your posts.
  • Find the right category for your post and stay on topic. If you have another question on a different topic, create a new post in the appropriate category.
  • Search for your question before you ask it – chances are you’ll find an answer already discussed.

Have a proper conversation

Give more than you take and help us make this forum a great place to discuss the issues you may have surrounding immigration to Canada. Please try to enrich the community with your posts and feedback.

  • Check the “Unanswered” questions and show off your knowledge by helping others who have not yet received an answer to their question.
  • There are no stupid questions – if you cannot find an existing topic on your question, please ask by starting a thread or posting in a relevant thread.
  • Please try to provide complete and comprehensive information so other members can answer your question.
  • Cite your sources whenever possible. Tell us why you know what you know so other members can replicate your reasoning.
  • Make use of the reactions to give feedback on questions and answers.
  • Follow relevant posts through the notification feature by bookmarking them.

Create meaningful connections

The Moving2Canada community forum is a great place to connect. Most newcomers and prospective immigrants lack a support network in Canada when they arrive, but the community can help fill that space. Get acquainted with other members and connect over the common challenges of moving to a new country, and leverage the knowledge of this community to prepare for success in Canada.

  • Fill out your profile – it will give you access to better information from Moving2Canada and allow other users to understand your situation and experience.
  • Get in contact with other community members by entering discussions and answering questions, or mentioning them in a post with the @ symbol followed by their username (for example: @username). You are welcome to send private messages, but please ask for permission from the other member you wish to contact first!

Most importantly: This community is for you! Be yourself and enjoy your time here. We hope you will find plenty of help and all the answers you need, while enjoying a great community spirit. Welcome!


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